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Armstrong Offers Steel Building Prices, Quotes and Estimates

Being one of the leading providers of prefabricated metal buildings, we have the expertise in providing turnkey metal building solutions to our clients. Let our team of experts research, plan and price your next project to make the process easier and hassle free for you.

Why Armstrong Steel

There are a number of reasons why customers turn to us with their metal building project development needs.

We are America's leading steel building provider. We take pride in supplying the best Prefab steel buildings designed to meet your needs.

Armstrong Steel Assembly

Armstrong steel building structures are faster to assemble. All the parts are numbered to correspond with your erection drawings. Lay it out and bolt it together! No welding or on site fabrication required like many other steel buildings on the market.

Armstrong Steel Design

We use state-of-the-art designing and drafting tools to generate highly accurate pre-engineered metal building designs. Further, all the assembled parts are laser precision engineered. Holes line up and parts are properly configured to create a hassle free erection and have your crew in and out in less time than is typical. The Armstrong Difference is what makes your structure stronger and more affordable in the end.

Higher Flexibility

Outgrowing your space? Armstrong Steel is here to help. Adding an addition to your existing steel building is a highly economical option rather than building a conventional building from the ground up. Metal buildings can also be disassembled and erected at a new location.

Armstrong Steel Efficiency

We use high quality, energy star approved metal building insulation and construction materials to design your metal buildings. Prefabricated Steel buildings are not affected by extreme hot or cold climate conditions. This increases the metal building's efficiency in the long run.

Armstrong Steel Safety

The prefab metal steel buildings that we design are structurally sound and will withstand the worst of severe weather conditions. This reduces your risk of mishaps. Therefore, many insurance companies give a discount of around 40% to steel building owners.

Armstrong Steel has earned their longstanding reputation by offering the best prefabricated steel structures money can buy at the best price.

Free online Quotes and Estimates on Steel Buildings Prices

Armstrong Steel strives to help its clients choose the best structure to fit their specific requirements. Whether it is designing a small warehouse or providing a structure to accommodate thousands of visitors, we've done it and we can simplify the process for you. Feel free to use our estimator for steel building prices and get a quote for your steel building specifications such as location, dimensions, and accessories.

It is true that often times, steel buildings cost 50% less than conventional buildings. Our primary concern is ensuring your project is on budget and on time. Just submit your query and an Armstrong Steel expert will get in touch with you.

Armstrong Steel Buildings come with a 50-year structural warranty. Each piece of steel we supply is representative of our experience, know-how and cutting-edge technology. We efficiently provide prefabricated metal buildings throughout North America: California (CA), Arizona (AZ), and Texas (TX). We offer the following types of buildings:


  • •  Commercial Steel Buildings

    Armstrong Steel has years of experience helping businesses and organizations to construct commercial steel building facilities that will attract customers and increase revenue.
  • •  Religious Steel Buildings

    We've always been great endorsers of faith-based projects like steel church buildings. It is the reason our list of steel church building construction projects is so long, and it is the reason we believe Armstrong Steel has continued to be blessed with success.
  • •  Industrial Steel Buildings

    Being a leading name in industrial steel buildings construction, we value performance and ensure that the highest quality AMERICAN steel is used in making our 50 year steel building structures.
  • •  Agricultural Steel Buildings

    Agricultural steel buildings provide secure and protective housing for livestock and serve as storage buildings for agricultural productions, equipments and machinery. Here at Armstrong Steel, we design agricultural steel buildings with your unique agricultural requirements in mind.
  • •  Aviation Steel Buildings

    Armstrong Steel stands ready to help you in constructing aviation steel buildings to meet your needs, whether it's for personal or commercial use.
  • •   Institutional Steel Buildings

    Armstrong Steel building can provide your organization with affordable and well-organized Institutional Steel Buildings.
  • •  Storage Steel Buildings

    There are several different kinds of storage needs that many businesses, homes, farms, industries, etc. have. Storage metal buildings are the place where the inventories or stocks are stored for future use. This is mainly used for industries to store the raw materials or finished goods and by farmers to store their harvest and sell at an appropriate time.


Armstrong Steel Buildings are completely customizable pre-engineered metal steel buildings. The steel buildings we provide are a perfect choice for warehouses, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, agricultural buildings, gymnasium buildings, garage buildings and storage buildings.

Steel frame buildings sold by Armstrong Steel are fully customizable and carefully managed by our staff of experienced professionals who help customers every step of the way. Our steel framed buildings cost much less than buildings made from other materials. Our design allows us to provide the maximum interior clear span possible. Clear span steel buildings are one of the best choices for buildings that need more open space such as riding arenas, agricultural storage buildings, garage buildings, metal church buildings and gymnasiums.

Pre-engineered steel buildings by Armstrong Steel are AISC-MB Certified. Let Armstrong Steel show you how to save on overall costs, construction, and time by opting for a steel building solution. Get your steel building prices today!

Have Questions? Would you like to learn more? Contact America's leading prefabricated steel structure building company today!