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Learn why Armstrong Steel is the steel building destination for millions.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Does Armstrong Steel have cancelled buildings? Am I buying directly from the factory?

'No' to both questions! Cancelled buildings are a typical industry sales tactic used to create an artificial need for you to buy quicker. Armstrong Steel is an OEM manufacturer. We staff in-house draftsmen and detailers that work solely on Armstrong Building Projects. Armstrong Buildings are unique as we are in control of the stringent specifications, measurements, standards, and guidelines for every single piece of your building: all individual primary members, secondary members, connections, clips, and weld specs in your Armstrong Building. The fabricators tasked with abiding by our strict standards are all reputable, publicly traded companies that have been in business for many years. The sheer volume of material Armstrong Steel purchases from these mills allows us to pass along the absolute best pricing in the industry.

How do I get my building designed? Do I need an architect?

For simple buildings, you will want to work with your Armstrong Steel Project Consultant. He has thorough, real-world experience helping customers plan their buildings for optimum flow, value, function and aesthetics. If your project needs additional design savvy, it will be given to a designer in our corporate office. This takes care of a great majority of our customers. In certain cases, an architect may be needed. For instance, complex designs that are used by the public may benefit from an architect's skill. However, it's important you contact us before an outside architect to ensure that your building is designed to affordably accommodate pre-engineered construction.

How do I qualify to buy direct and what happens afterward?

The best way to start the process is to speak to one of our Building Experts today. Our team can qualify you over the phone in a matter of minutes. We will gather some basic information about your project, timeframe, and take a look at your budget. You'll then receive information on our products and get on the path to Direct Buy eligibility, which is a fairly simple process that merely requires a more detailed look at your project and your ability to manage certain aspects of your project yourself along with its associated costs.

What types of structures are best served by going with steel?

All types! Steel buildings now account for almost 70 percent of all new low-rise construction in the United States, in part due to cost efficiency. Armstrong Steel Buildings have been used in almost every type of structure imaginable. Workshops, Markets, Churches, Equestrian, Agricultural, Hangars, Sports Facilities, Mini Storage, Government Projects, Garages and many more. The best way to make sure what you want to build is achievable with pre-engineered steel is by speaking with one of our building experts.

Who will erect my Armstrong Steel Building System?

Armstrong Steel Buildings come with easy to follow erection drawings and an erection manual. Many customers choose to erect the building themselves while others prefer an Authorized Armstrong Builder manage this aspect of the project.

How long does it take before my building is delivered?

We design each building on an individual basis. For this reason, delivery times vary based on the size and complexity of your specific order. Your Authorized Armstrong Builder or project manager [PM] can give you a better idea of what to expect based on your particular project.

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