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Armstrong's Turnkey Steel Building Services

Armstrong’s Build Group is one of the leading metal building construction management firms in the nation. We’ve worked with organizations just like yours to plan and build a wide range of facilities utilizing only the highest quality steel building system precisely engineered to your organization’s purpose.

We know how daunting the idea of breaking ground on a new facility can be. Between the concept and grand opening, there are an infinite number of decisions that must be made. But our unique approach makes the metal building construction process more affordable and simplifies your entire experience by bringing together the input of builders, engineers and architects proactively at the beginning of your steel building construction project. And we provide you with hands-on input and oversight while your new steel metal building is being built.

So whether your organization is newly formed or is weighing whether to expand into a larger facility as a step in the growth process, Armstrong stands ready to help you meet your steel building construction needs.

Steel Systems Construction

The true measure of a reputable and reliable construction management firm is its ability to translate design and engineering into steel, stone, glass or wood. Armstrong has always insisted on using only the highest quality steel building & metal building construction materials and craftsmanship in its metal buildings. Being one of the leading steel buildings and metal buildings OEM manufacturers, we believe that every structure is a “testimony in steel” to all who will ever see it, use it and experience its benefits. And we back up this belief with a strict system of quality control applied to all of our metal and steel buildings projects to ensure that no corners are cut and no shortcuts are taken. Whether the steel building project involves a two-bay auto repair shop or the erection of a 150,000 square-foot complex, quality at every level is Armstrong Steel’s number one criterion.

Unblemished metal buildings and steel buildings construction is never an accident! It is the result of architects, engineers and builders working fluidly to achieve your vision. And there is no better approach than Armstrong Steel’s tenured team of builders, engineers and project managers. Working under the direction of the Armstrong Build Group, these professionals recognize that no one understands the needs and purpose of your new facility better than you do. Thus, our Build Group will not to try to tell you what you should build; rather, our team will listen carefully to your requirements and will apply all our knowledge and skills to develop plans that will meet your metal buildings individual needs as well as your budget.

We know metal buildings. It is due to Armstrong Steel’s integrated steel building management approach that the customer is not caught short, which happens all too often in the construction industry. Proactively, our metal builders work in conjunction with engineers, estimators and architects, communicating with each other at every step throughout your metal building construction project to ensure that everything remains on track and accurate.

Given our wide-ranging experience in commercial steel buildings and metal building church construction, Armstrong Steel understands the hurdles organizations can encounter when erecting a facility. Worst case, you first invest a large amount of money/time working with an architect to develop a set of plans only to learn that you aren’t able to afford the facility as designed. Or, when construction begins, you run into big cost overages because the builder and architect disagree on the application of said plans. In these situations, you as the customer are left feeling misinformed and misguided.

At Armstrong Steel, we believe you deserve streamlined access to both the engineers’ and builders’ input from conception through completion of the metal building and steel building project. Our communicative style means that maximum costs are identified early on, not after you’re invested in the process. The only real surprise should be, well, the lack of any surprise at all.

The Armstrong Difference

ACCOUNTABILITY: Each metal building and steel building construction project is assigned a specific Armstrong metal buildings contact person that is accountable for ensuring the project deadlines are met and for communicating the project’s progress to the client. Daily Internet updates between Armstrong Steel contacts plus company-wide instant access—electronic or via phone—helps to ensure that you receive up-to-the-second status reports on your project.

INNOVATION: We developed the Armstrong Steel process with the goal of incorporating your architectural design and your design objectives into the best-suited types of metal buildings & steel buildings possible. We will recommend options your architect may have not considered or even known were possible in steel building construction today. This helps to ensure that your structure comes in at a price you can afford before the process of finish drawings and detailing work begins.

COMMUNICATION: Armstrong Steel believes that the most important element in any steel building construction project is communication. The more a client knows about the ongoing construction process, the more satisfied they will be with their new facility. Regularly scheduled meetings and daily Internet updates ensure all the members of the building committee, congregation or board of directors know the details of the project each step of the way.

Armstrong Steel strives to help its clients choose the best structure to fit their specific requirements. Whether it is designing a warehouse or providing a structure to accommodate thousands of visitors, we’ve done it and we can simplify the process for you.

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Pre-engineered commercial steel buildings by Armstrong Steel are AISC-MB and IAS Certified. Let Armstrong Steel show you how to save on overall costs, construction, and time by opting for a steel building solution. Get your steel building prices today!

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