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How much does a steel building cost per square foot?

When you attempt to estimate a steel building’s square foot cost, you must consider several factors.

The style of the building will impact the cost. You could choose the most popular choice - a rigid frame, or straight walled, Armstrong steel building. This type of building can be finished with stucco, masonry or brick on the outside walls if steel sheeting is an unacceptable application. Armstrong Buildings are a very strong and sturdy building. The larger the building, the less it typically costs per square foot. A large 80x100 building can be as low as $7 per square foot for the base building package, where a small 30x40 building averages closer to about $10 per square foot.

Separate from the cost of the building itself, you'll need to add the cost of any required accessories (including windows and doors). Delivery and labor costs add to the total final price as well. Estimate an additional 20% for accessories and delivery fees of 8-10% to get a fairly accurate total. Labor costs during installation can add $3-10 per square feet.

The foundation and location are two additional considerations. Unless you have an existing foundation and floor, you’ll need to add $4 to $8 per square foot to lay your slab.

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