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I need a 40x60 steel building. What is the cost?

A 40x60 steel building is 2,400 square feet, and would be a good warehouse, barn, shop or storage building. Your total cost will depend on how you will be using your building. Other factors include the location of your building and any accessories you will add on.

In calculating an estimated cost, each factor should be separately considered. Steel buildings are easy to assemble, pre-engineered and durable.

For a straight wall steel building, the cost of materials for 2400 square feet is around $9 a square foot (a total of $21,600). For delivery costs, a rough estimator would be to add 10% to the total, or $2,160 in this case. Allowing for added accessories, you should tack on an additional 20% to your materials cost for an accurate estimation. This would bring the estimated cost of the building and having it on your build site ready of instillation to $28,080.

You must also consider the cost of laying the building’s foundation. Unless you are building on an existing foundation, the cost of pouring or building a foundation is between $4 and $8 per square foot. That would add an additional $9,600 to $19,200. Don’t forget to allow for labor costs for installing the building. It is not difficult, but due to its size, you will need help.