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I need to build a barn. What is the average cost per square foot?

Using a pre-engineered steel barn kit to build your barn is a less costly alternative to stick built or pole barn construction, while still providing your animals and equipment safety. The cost of a steel barn is dependant on the building size and style. America’s favorite steel barns are straight wall pre-engineered systems.

Though the total cost is size dependent (as the size of the barn grows, the square foot price decreases), straight wall barns are anywhere from $7 to $22 per square foot. Stalls and accessories impact the price as well.

When estimating the budget for your barn accessories, add at least 20% to the materials cost. Delivery costs add another 8 – 10%, and labor costs are a variable to consider as well.

If you are doing a price comparison between a steel barn and one with wooden frames, don’t forget the advantages of a steel barn. They require almost no maintenance, are extremely durable, and can be built in a short period of time. These benefits and the affordable cost of steel barns make them the best choice.