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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a price on a building?

Call us and let's talk.. In order to provide an accurate price, we'll need to ask you some questions about building size, style and use. Alternatively, you can use our Request a Quote/Contact Us form to specify what you need and you will be contacted by an Armstrong representative.

Do you offer specials?

That depends. We generally avoid gimmicky sales techniques. Instead, we prefer to price our buildings fairly and in a way that reflects the realities of each project. That means projects that have prepared and ready job sites or are timed to perfectly fill a void in our project schedule (like in the winter) may get extra special pricing.

How can I get the best possible deal?

There are two things that we prize: schedule flexibility and prepared job sites. Depending on the exact circumstance, these can qualify you for preferred pricing.

How strong is your steel?

When it comes to steel, thicker doesn't necessarily mean stronger. Steel strength is a combination of thickness (gauge), hardness (yield strength), rib height and spacing. Armstrong uses full-hard, high-yield strength steel panels with close rib spacing. Our steel panels are 26-gauge and have almost twice the yield strength of some of our competitors. When you consider all the steel strength factors, our panels provide the greatest structural integrity.

How do I get my building designed? Do I need an architect?

For simple buildings, you will want to work with your Armstrong Steel Project Consultant. He has thorough, real-world experience helping customers plan their buildings for optimum flow, value, function and aesthetics. If your project needs additional design savvy, it will be given to a designer in our corporate office. This takes care of a great majority of our customers. In certain cases, an architect may be needed. For instance, complex designs that are used by the public may benefit from an architect's skill. However, it's important you contact us before an outside architect to ensure that your building is designed to affordably accommodate pre-engineered construction.

Can I come visit?

Absolutely! We'd love to have you. If possible, call ahead so we can make arrangements. However, walk-ins are welcome too.

Does Armstrong Steel have cancelled buildings? Am I buying directly from the factory?

'No' to both questions! Cancelled buildings are a typical industry sales tactic used to create an artificial need for you to buy quicker. Armstrong Steel is an OEM manufacturer. We staff in-house draftsmen and detailers that work solely on Armstrong Building Projects. Armstrong Buildings are unique as we are in control of the stringent specifications, measurements, standards, and guidelines for every single piece of your building: all individual primary members, secondary members, connections, clips, and weld specs in your Armstrong Building. The fabricators tasked with abiding by our strict standards are all reputable, publicly traded companies that have been in business for many years. The sheer volume of material Armstrong Steel purchases from these mills allows us to pass along the absolute best pricing in the industry.

Where does Armstrong Steel deliver to?

Armstrong Steel buildings are shipped all over the globe. There are no limitations to where we deliver to.

What if I have questions while I’m putting up my steel building?

We have a fully-staffed technical department available to answer any questions you may have and to help you through the building process.

Where are Armstrong Steel Buildings manufactured?

Armstrong Steel Buildings are manufactured here on AMERICAN soil, unlike many other buildings, with the highest commercial grade steel.

Are there color choices for my building?

Yes! You can choose from a variety of different colors! Your Armstrong Steel representative will be able to provide you with those options.

How difficult is it to erect my steel building if I choose to do it myself?

A large percentage of people who buy pre-engineered steel buildings from Armstrong Steel Buildings erect the structure themselves. Bolted together with no welding required, the building has been pre-engineered ahead of time for easy installation. We have personnel on staff with years of experience in erecting steel buildings, so there’s not a single situation that you can encounter that we have not previously resolved. If you have a question at any time during the assembly process, we are just a toll-free call away.

What is the difference between an OEM Manufacturer and a broker?

An OEM Manufacturer, like Armstrong Steel, requires the mills that manufacture its building parts to abide by SPECIFIC standardized requirements in regard to your super-structure. Armstrong Buildings are unique as we are in control of the stringent specifications, measurements, standards, and guidelines for every single piece of your building: all individual primary members, secondary members, connections, clips, and weld specs in your Armstrong Building. We design, detail, and engineer your building in house at Armstrong's headquarters and forward the cut list for production along to one of our partnered mills across the country. Brokers are simply middlemen who order buildings on your behalf solely based on width, length and height dimensions. Beyond that, they often hand over all quality control of your building to the cheapest overseas bidder and pocket the difference in price. Having in house control over a customer's building project (as opposed to subbing out the detailing and engineering to an overseas firm like many of our competitors do) is the difference between errors and excellence! Brokers rarely concern themselves with anything beyond finding the absolute cheapest structure they can AFTER they have received your order.

How long does it take before my building is delivered to my jobsite?

We design each building on an individual basis. For this reason, delivery times vary based on the size and complexity of your specific order. Your retail dealer or project manager [PM] can give you a better idea of what to expect based on your particular project.

How is my Armstrong Steel Building delivered and do you unload it for me?

Typically, our buildings arrive on a 43' flatbed truck. All items for your steel building arrive packaged on pallets. We do not unload the building for you due to liability reasons. We recommend you have a small forklift on site the day the building is scheduled to arrive..

How can I be sure all the parts for my building have been delivered?

You will receive a bill of lading (parts list) to allow you to inventory your building. We strongly recommend you do this as you unload it. However, you have 5 days to complete your inventory and report it to us so that we may send you any missing parts.

What if I choose not to erect the prefabricated structure myself?

Armstrong’s Build Team stands ready to help. Give us a call or fill out the contact form and someone will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your project with you in detail.

Will my steel building meet local building codes?

Every Armstrong Building is engineer-certified to comply with all United States and international building codes. As well, each building comes with professionally-engineered plans verifying that it will meet your local building loads.

Who will erect my Armstrong Steel Building?

Armstrong Steel Buildings come with easy to follow erection drawings and an erection manual. Many customers choose to erect the building themselves while others prefer that Armstrong's Build Team manage this aspect of the project.

Can I put windows/doors on my building?

Armstrong Steel Buildings have a wide variety of doors, windows, skylights, vents and other associated parts that can be ordered with your building. Ask your Armstrong Steel Buildings Representative for details.

Can’t I save money by bidding my job out?

By utilizing our construction management services, we will seek three bids from most subcontractor categories in order to ensure the most competitive pricing available for your project. An owner’s risk is further alleviated by Armstrong Steel Buildings guaranteed pricing.

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