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End users want to finish the construction of their steel buildings without a snag. In order to do this, you must be certain that all the necessary paperwork and other details be considered before the construction at the worksite can even begin.

Prior to Construction

First, see to it that all the drawings are complete and ready. In most situations, the construction of any steel building requires a building permit. However, if you are certain that the steel building is to be constructed outside the city limits, then, a building permit would not be necessary because it is possible that the building might be exempt from local zoning regulations. Imagine purchasing a pre-engineered steel building before securing a building permit only to find out after the purchase that you could not build in the area you had wanted to. In this situation, you definitely will lose a lot of money.

You, as a consumer, have the sole responsibility of checking whether the pre-engineered steel building you are purchasing will meet or exceed the local building codes. Your steel building might not be approved for construction per the local standards of your area if it has just barely met the minimum code requirements. It is of vital importance that the building code inspector be shown the purchase contract prior to the actual purchase of the steel building. With the copy of the purchase contract in his hand, he is in a better position to determine whether your steel building will be approved by the building code office or not.

Another required document from the building code office is the permit drawing. This document, which you will secure from your dealer or supplier, is also essential in the approval of your steel building. However, you must be certain that the drawings bear the stamp of approval of a certified engineer. Most reputable suppliers will provide you with these standard erection drawings, as well as the design calculations in exchange for an engineering deposit. These drawings are important. As an example, drawings that contain anchor bolt locations should provide the foundation engineer with all the necessary information needed in his design of the building’s foundation. Nowadays, most of these drawings are computer generated. You should bear in mind that the job of getting the necessary paperwork approvals for your new steel building, rests in your hands.

During Construction

As you prepare to construct your new steel building, you must be certain that you have discussed all the details about the delivery of the building. Prior to its transport to the worksite, the steel building construction must first be designed and pre-engineered. If the supplier does not have his own fleet of trucks, he usually hires a third-party carrier to do the delivery. It is your responsibility to inform the supplier if you have special accommodations for shipping since they are the ones handling all shipping arrangements. Remember that last minute changes may cost you an arm and a leg.

First and foremost, make certain that the address specified in the invoice is the exact address or location of the construction site. It is up to you, the customer, or the building erector or contractor you hire, to receive the metal building structure and all the other materials accompanying it. Inform the supplier of your specific needs, most specially the date of delivery. Verify that everything is accurate on the paperwork so that there will be no problems with the delivery.

If you prefer that your new steel building delivered prior to the start of construction, make sure that the materials are sufficiently covered in order to protect it from the elements. Although they already have primer and protective coating, it is still a good idea to cover the materials.

Most importantly, never assume that the supplier of the steel building will do the erection for you because not all of these companies are involved in the erection process. Prior to the actual delivery, you should have employed an erector or contractor to take care of erecting the metal structure.

To deal with all the challenges of constructing your steel metal building, remember to do the following:
    •  Pay close attention to details
    •  Ask a lot of questions
    •  Plan ahead
    •  Anticipate all possible problems

Doing all these will definitely save you a lot of time and money when you construct your new steel building.