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Steel Barns - 11/10/2009 - Steels barns are easy to make with the help of prefabricated steel structures. This solves issues of scalability, and also saves greatly on the labor costs required to construct a barn....... [Read Full Article]

Farm Steel Buildings to the Rescue - 11/3/2009 - Every farm has its own requirements for buildings, be it for storage facilities or for housing animals, barns, dairies, etc. What differentiates a farm from other stretches of land is that you have quite a lot of space to build the structure that you want to build....... [Read Full Article]

The Advantages of Steel as a Construction Material - 11/2/2009 - Right from ancient days, man has always depended on construction activity to protect himself from the harsh conditions of the environment. Even today, that remains a fundamental aspect of any construction activity....... [Read Full Article]

Revolution in Building: Pre-Engineered Steel - 11/1/2009 - In the past, we have seen many revolutions taking place in building and architecture as new materials are formed and new processes are discovered. Each era has its own choice and preference for building materials and styles...... [Read Full Article]

Baosteel hikes September prices - Market Source - MySteel.Net 8/11/2009 - China top steelmaker Baosteel is said to have announced its September prices for some products..... [Read Full Article]

Crude Steel Production in China Jumps 13% to Record - Bloomberg News 8/11/2009 - Crude steel production in China, the world’s biggest maker, jumped 13 percent last month to a record as the nation’s $586 billion stimulus package spurred demand from builders and carmakers.... [Read Full Article]

China steel price roars up amid high output and stockpiles - SteelGuru 8/7/2009 - People Daily reported that Chinese steel prices have rallied for a fifteenth week in a row amid massive overcapacity and surging stockpiles. And prices for construction steel have averaged over CNY 4,000 per tonne far exceeding other products rising amount and increasing correction risks.... [Read Full Article]

Steel minister calls flat steel price hike 'unjustified' - The Economic Times 8/7/2009 - Steel Minister Virbhadra Singh termed the hiking of prices of flat steel products by some of the companies as 'unjustified' and said he would talk to the firms on the matter... [Read Full Article]

Asia Steel-China prices at 10-month top as mills raise prices - Reuters 8/6/2009 - Chinese spot steel prices rose 1.9 percent this week to a 10-month high as major mills continued to raise their offer prices, boosting hopes for a further rally fed by the government's infrastructure-focused stimulus plan... [Read Full Article]

Overwhelming domestic prices diminish Chinese export prospects further - SteelGuru 8/6/2009 - The astonishing growth in domestic price levels by a whopping USD 52 per tonne (CNY 356) in HRC and USD 88 per tonne (CNY 600) in rebar has taken the sheen off export from China... [Read Full Article]

High Steel Prices in China amid overcapacity - SteelGuru 8/6/2009 - Changjiang Daily reported that China steel price surge in recent months could be well explained by the rising demand fueled by recovering domestic economy especially in real estate and manufacturing sectors as well as large scale national infrastructure construction...[Read Full Article]

Steel Price rises as cost hikes and demand picks up - CISA 7/16/2009 - Securities Daily reported that Chinese steel market is bottoming out with prices rising continuously...[Read Full Article]

China Steelmakers working on lower ore price-executive - Reuters 7/4/2009 - China's steel industry body is still looking for a lower iron ore price in negotiations with key suppliers, the president of Baosteel said on Saturday, adding that national output was running high in July...[Read Full Article]

Steel cos may hike prices by 5% in July - Economic Times 7/2/2009 - Steel prices could go up by 2-5% in July, with large steel producers such as SAIL, Ispat and Jindal Steel contemplating price hikes. Prices are likely to go up in the range of...[Read Full Article]

High Steel Prices: A Preview of Peak Oil - Seeking Alpha 5/16/2008 - I use the phrase “Crunch Time” to denote the period after Peak Oil during which oil prices are so high due to production shortfalls that the normal functioning of economic activity is curtailed....[Read Full Article]

Armstrong Steel - The Best Value for your Money - Everyone knows why Armstrong Steel Buildings are gaining popularity day-by-day. It’s the benefits and advantages that steel buildings provide! Cost effective construction. Saving up to 60% over conventional construction. Less wasted materials. Steel Buildings are endorsed by the US Green Building Council. The list goes on and on...[Read Full Article]

Armstrong Steel Buildings - Making the Right Decision - Many consumers and business owners compare conventional types of construction (wood) with steel buildings before deciding to buy. It is important to make the right decision based on what you are using the building for so the project is as cost effective as possible.[Read Full Article]

Erecting Your Armstrong Steel Building - Steel building erection is an important part of a steel building project. The steel building supplier is not responsible for the erection of the steel building system, the supply of tools or equipment, or any other field work required. The supplier does not provide any field supervision for the erection of the structure or perform any inspections of the steel building system before or after the erection.[Read Full Article]

Building Green with an Armstrong Steel Building - Steel buildings are leading the way in the green building revolution, meeting green building design goals with innovative building design, engineering, and use of materials. Building green is seen as the sounder environmental approach to minimizing the carbon footprint of any building project to our planet.[Read Full Article]

The Benefits of Steel - Steel is an alloy composed mainly of iron with trace amounts of carbon. Because of the high iron content, steel is marked for its fortitude.[Read Full Article]

Building with Steel - Steel buildings have been a viable building option for quite some time now. It is this specific building material that has paved the way for the existence of towering high rise buildings as we know them today. Steel buildings have been a widespread solution since World War II, when the first Quonset...[Read Full Article]

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