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Steel Building Services By Armstrong Steel

Project Coordination

- Armstrong Steel assigns a Project Manager [PM] to your steel building order. Your Armstrong Steel Building Project Manager [PM] is located at our corporate headquarters and comes at no additional cost to you. They stand ready to help you select the appropriate design and outfitting of your steel building. They can even work in conjunction with your General Contractor and/or Architect.

Design Services

- Armstrong Steel Corporation has long provided a Steel Building Design Service for our clients, the Conceptual Graphic Rendering Package. These packages are ideal for group presentations to your city, county, building department, municipality, church congregations and boards, investor groups, business partners, etc. These packages speed up the fund raising process with a detailed and comprehensive Conceptual Rendering of your project.

Turnkey Scheduling

- We specialize in turnkey metal building solutions. We also sell do-it-yourself steel building packages designed for US Government entities, private contractors, and hobbyists. Your Armstrong professional will clearly explain the process to help give you a better understanding of what to expect as well as provide you with the proposed build schedule in writing.

Financial Analysis

- Armstrong Steel can provide you with a clear understanding of how many square feet of building you can expect to get out of your allotted building budget. It is difficult to find a Design Build firm more able and experienced than Armstrong Steel. Whether you’re in the market for a church, warehouse, shopping mall, or an airport, we will guide you through the steel building process.

Construction Phase Planning

- The most important criteria for selecting a Project Management company are a good reputation and the use of high quality construction materials. Consider construction companies that can handle every phase of your steel building project, as well as offer complete design/build expertise. By gaining a better understanding of your top priorities and concerns, we will be able to clearly define costs and schedules.

Construction Drawings

- Armstrong Steel Buildings provides construction drawings, anchor bolt patterns, wet stamped blueprints, and erection manuals with every steel building we provide. At any point in time, if you encounter a problem, question or concern your Project Manager [PM] is only a toll-free call away.


- Armstrong Steel’s guiding principles are based on integrity, accuracy, and an attention to detail. The estimate you receive from Armstrong Steel, whether it be a steel building turnkey project or a workshop, will be clear and thorough. Steel is a commodity so prices fluctuate frequently. Your estimate will provide you with a “good through” date as your price is affected when the mills change steel pricing. Your Armstrong representative can explain how to go about locking in your steel price prior to any impending increases.

Code & Load Compliance

- An Armstrong Steel Building is guaranteed to meet or exceed your local building codes and loads in regard to wind, snow, and seismic requirements. You can rest assured that the steel buildings we deliver to your site is engineered to meet your specific needs and that any Armstrong installers are certified steel erectors with OSHA certification who are fully insured.

Value Engineering

- Armstrong Steel is able to look at your plans, recommend adjustments based on construction cost reductions or we can design build your project to fit your ideas and needs. With Armstrong Steel’s Design Build Services, the owner can expect a reduced steel building price due to the increased efficiency of the revised design.

Safety Management

- More than 50 percent of industrial buildings in steel erection are systems-engineered. These metal structures use different types of steel members and a different erection process than typical steel erection. They also present certain unique hazards, such as those associated with anchor bolts, construction loads, and double connections. All Armstrong Steel installers are certified steel erectors with OSHA certification who are fully insured.

Project Scheduling/Delivery

- Most often, your steel building will arrive on the scheduled date between 8:00 A.M and 10:00 A.M. Unless you have made other arrangements in advance, it will be delivered by one or more trucks pulling 48-foot trailers. These vehicles must have safe access to and from your job site, so make sure the route is clear and can sustain heavy loads. We make every effort to deliver on schedule, but circumstances beyond our control (bad weather, road conditions, etc.) can cause delays.


- If you need to apply for a building permit, you will probably need to provide certified blueprint plans of your proposed construction. They must be certified by at third-party that is registered for your area. Armstrong Steel will help you with this step. Once you submit these technical drawings, they will then be used to hold you to your plan when your construction is reviewed by a building inspector.

Information Management

- An Integrated Team of Project Managers & Builders saves you Time & Money. It is due to Armstrong Steel’s integrated steel building management approach that the customer is not caught short, which happens all too often in the construction industry. Proactively, our metal builders work in conjunction with engineers, estimators and architects, communicating with each other at every step throughout your metal building construction project to ensure that everything remains on track and accurate.

Steel Building Erection

- Your specific erection manual will contain step by step instructions and diagrams, showing you or your Armstrong certified installer exactly what to do first, and how to proceed for easy assembly. Many of the larger steel building suppliers such as ourselves have a generic erection manual on their website, so you can see for yourself what is involved.

Concrete Foundation

- The importance of accurate foundation construction and anchor bolt settings cannot be overemphasized! Certified Armstrong installers are familiar with our buildings and are highly recommended for this phase of your project. Contact your Armstrong Project Manager [PM] for details.

Window & Door Installation

- Builders choose windows and doors for more than just to 'fill a hole in the wall'; they choose them because they are an integral part of the overall building package. A window and door's long term operation and look will impact the perception of quality for the whole building. You want the windows and doors in your building to be as quality-oriented as the building itself. You want them to be ARMSTRONG windows and doors.


- Armstrong Steel Buildings partners with national lending companies that specialize in different types of loans for the construction of steel buildings including church financing and leasing, school financing, commercial construction and signature loans. Each application is considered case-by-case which helps ensure that your project stays on-time and on-budget.

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