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Our Armstrong Steel Building is still in tip-top shape. Armstrong delivers top-notch quality steel buildings.

Ken S., Portland, OR

Armstrong Steel Buildings

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Armstrong Steel buildings come with a 50-year structural warranty. Each piece of steel we supply is representative of our experience, know-how and cutting-edge technology. Armstrong Steel Buildings projects are “built” on-screen by in-house detailers before the plans are released for fabrication. The details of the acquisition, fabrication and inventory of each piece of steel are electronic and shared with all departments, ensuring consistency.

Our complex inventory systems number and track each piece of steel from fabrication at the mill through delivery to your site.

Our onsite, environmentally-controlled painting facility applies the finishing touches to every piece of your structure without adding cost to your project. Because Armstrong Steel’s system is controlled end-to-end, we also minimize the release of solvent waste into the environment.

Pre-engineered steel buildings by Armstrong Steel are AISC-MB Certified, PLUS:

Purlins, Girts and Door Jambs protect against red rust during and after construction. Galvanization extends the life of your project and the appearance. Our cleaner, brighter product also features lower maintenance costs.

Long-Life Finishes are used on all our steel buildings panels to achieve truer, brighter color that is longer-lasting and inherently has curb appeal. Matching gutters and downspouts are an added attraction. These Long-Life Finishes carry a 40 year paint warranty.

I-Beam End Wall Framing provides strength and stiffness. Easy to erect as they stand alone because they require less bracing, our stronger hot-rolled sections are easier to handle than cold-rolled.

Purlin Bearing Rib (PBR) on Roof & Walls makes for a solid side lap seal that reduces moisture infiltration and air leaks for a stronger, weather-tight fit and reduced maintenance costs.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery with confirmation is a feature we stand behind. We ship steel buildings efficiently and our promptness means we can schedule your crews more efficiently, saving you time and money.


Armstrong Steel Buildings has taken what was once a manual, tedious exercise and streamlined production into an electronic formula. Our facilities utilize laser precision engineering. In doing so, we save you money and aggravation. We deliver steel building that are faultless, something the manual process of yesteryear could not.

Plus our mathematical checks and balances inherent in our sophisticated computer programs proof out errors before they become issues.

Before an Armstrong Steel building is bolted and clad, the structure is “built” on a computer screen using a three-dimensional structural steel modeling program. Pre-set macros show detailers precisely where bolt connections are required to be made on steel beams to ensure structural integrity.