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Nowadays, strip malls or open-area shopping centers, are becoming a prominent fixture of our economic landscape. However, investors or owners of strip malls are often faced with many options whenever they need to decide whether to build a new one or expand an existing strip mall. You can count on Armstrong Steel to provide you with steel building systems that meet your specific requirements with regards to the structural design, as well as budget constraints.

Strip malls are designed to house multiple businesses, offices, or retail spaces. The typical floor plan of a strip mall is the same as that of a commercial building with storefronts that are visible from a roadway or a parking lot. Gone are the days when strip malls have plain architecture with stores arranged in a straight row. Competition have given rise to strip malls with elaborate architecture to attract more business and customers.

The first challenge of an owner or investor of a strip mall is to find appropriate and quality tenants. To do this, the strip mall must be aesthetically appealing and stylish to attract tenants and shoppers. At Armstrong Steel, we offer our clients various configurations and layout options that will make your strip mall eye-catching with its appealing architectural design. Your steel building can be enhanced with decorative bricks, stones, or stucco, creating a façade that is bright, clean and pleasing to the eyes. All this can be done at a much lower cost when compared to building with other construction materials. What’s more, construction is fast with your new steel building from Armstrong Steel. In no time at all, your tenants can set up business quickly and start earning money.

Of course, since your tenants are varied, they have their particular needs that must be accommodated. Steel strip malls by Armstrong Steel are designed to accommodate the special needs of your tenants. Our solutions vary from expansive open units suitable for large businesses such as supermarkets to more detailed ones like auto repair shops. We can even modify an existing steel strip mall building to suit your needs and requirements.

Armstrong Steel uses only high-grade steel and high quality materials for their building solutions, which can be customized to meet many configurations. Expanding and modifying your steel strip mall building will not be such a big deal because it is ready to grow as your business grows. Your steel strip mall building from Armstrong Steel can be easily and efficiently expanded and modified to accommodate more tenants or larger stores.

Armstrong Steel is an acknowledged leader in the steel building industry primarily because of our commitment to consistently satisfy our customers. Our highly trained and professional staff is ready to listen to your needs and will help you design the strip mall building suited to your requirements and budget.

Enumerated below, are the benefits and advantages of a pre engineered steel building by Armstrong Steel.


  • •  Variety of attractive and functional designs
  • •  Choice of panel and trim colors
  • •  Comes in a variety of eave heights
  • •  Open clear span frame up to 300 ft. wide
  • •  Strong and durable
  • •  High life expectancy
  • •  Low lifetime maintenance
  • •  Flexible and easily expandable to accommodate future needs
  • •  Fast assembly and erection
  • •  Non-combustible
  • •  Fast and on-time delivery


Construction of strip malls using conventional materials can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Strip mall owners have found pre-engineered steel structures as ideal solutions to their building needs because they are simpler to build and more economical.

Armstrong Steel provides steel strip mall solutions that are easy to construct, low maintenance, and customizable. The advantages of steel strip malls made by Armstrong Steel are further discussed below.

Durability. Steel buildings from Armstrong Steel are non-combustible since they are made from high quality steel that is not only fire-resistant but can also withstand water, mold, mildew, and termites. This ensures safety for your tenants and their merchandise and therefore, lower insurance costs. Our steel buildings are durable and they offer more structural longevity and low overall maintenance costs. Your steel strip mall building can even be designed and customized to withstand the weather conditions of your particular area.

Appearance. You will be surprised at how flexible a steel building from Armstrong Steel can be in terms of appearance and style. Our steel buildings can be enhanced with a variety of custom options, such as brick, rock, stone, or stucco paneling. Your strip mall can be made appealing to the eyes by itself or to match the look of existing buildings without sacrificing local zone requirements.

Speed. Pre-engineered steel buildings from Armstrong Steel are pre-welded, pre-drilled, and pre-punched at the factory and can be assembled and erected in no time. The short construction phase allows for early occupancy for your tenants and rental earnings for you.

Quality. Armstrong Steel uses only superior quality high-grade steel that provides straight walls, tight connections, and increased durability. Our steel buildings are strong, designed to last and low maintenance.