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Steel Factory Buildings

Steel has exhibited consistently great architectural beauty - suspension bridges, tall towers and high buildings. It is also environment friendly. Environmental responsibility is of the utmost importance to most of us. Governments recognize this and provide financial incentives to “go green.” Prefabricated steel buildings are not only architectural beauties but also environment friendly. These buildings are superior, better on the environment, and yet they cost less!

Pre-fabricated steel factory buildings are made of highest quality materials, expertly designed and the most durable products on the market. They meet and exceed all industry standards and all national and international building codes. Steel building kits can be tailored for any commercial, agricultural or residential application. Steel factory buildings are custom designed, engineered and completed in complete phases. Suppliers of pre-fabricated steel buildings do all the cutting, drilling, and welding at the factory for their customers, so only simple nut and bolt assembly are done on site. They have years of pre-engineered steel building experience and they have factory professionals who produce highest quality products.

Why Steel For Factory Buildings

Steel factory buildings can be single storey or multi storey. They can be built in steel frames, wall cladding, roof cladding, windows, doors, mezzanine floors and steel stairs depending on the needs of the client. They also come in attractive finish and available in many colors and many finishing options brick, block etc.

Pre-fabricated steel factory buildings have shorter construction time so there will be substantial savings. There are also a lot of savings on construction materials and other costs. Since it is pre-fabricated, it is easy to add more space for operations or storage at minimal price and no hassle.

Pre-fabricated steel factories allow for maximum vertical storage with column-free interiors for all useable floor space - making them the most economical storage solution on the market.

Most importantly, pre-fabricated steel factory buildings are durable and weather resistant. They are sturdy even in hurricanes and earthquakes. They also require minimal maintenance and easy to clean. They are pest resistant, do not crack or rot unlike other construction materials.

Owners of pre-fabricated steel factory buildings enjoy maximum energy efficiency on their buildings giving them more savings on interior climate control providing optimal working conditions for their employees.

Another advantage of pre-fabricated steel factory buildings is reputable insurance companies offer savings of up to 40% on premiums for buildings with steel.

Pre-fabricated steel factory buildings are environment friendly and provide maximum usable space. These are among the reasons why textile factories, process buildings, breweries, bottling plants, and food processing buildings opt for steel buildings. They are assured of optimal durability and exceptional structural integrity. They are proud of their highly efficient designs and unlimited durable finishing options. Most of all, they are environmentally friendly!