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To ensure the health and safety of your livestock, you should consider pre-fabricated steel dairy barns. Farmers give much value to their livestock and they make sure their livestock are healthy. However, they sometimes do not put the safety of their livestock in mind especially when they choose the materials in building their dairy barns. Having a place where they can keep their livestock is enough for them. For example, they do not realize that structures can sometimes cause harm especially when they choose wood for their material. Wood can give cows splinters if they kick through it or chew it. Sometimes, livestock can be disturbed or distracted and other materials like cement or brick walls can cause a broken leg if the cows kick it hard enough.

If you want to provide safe, fire-resistant and hygienic shelter, high-end structural integrity, and customizable designs to suit your taste, pre-fabricated steel dairy barns is the answer! You can even have unlimited finishing options to match your farm.

Why Steel Dairy Barns

Below are the reasons why you should consider pre-fabricated steel dairy barns for your farm:

•  Durable & Weather Resistant – steel is resistant to extreme heat and cold, they are not expected to crack, rot, and mold. They are fire and pest resistant.
•  Energy Efficient – steel has the lowest heat and cooling loss compared to other materials. Due to this, you can save a lot of money on interior climate control.
•  Minimal Maintenance – steel is very easy to maintain. You need not repaint, and there is no work to upkeep. Most importantly, there will be no fixing of cracks which are expected in wooden structures especially when they rot.
•  Environmentally Responsible – you will contribute to the saving of our forests since pre-fabricated steel dairy barns are built with recycled material. Another contribution to the environment is the reduced heat island effect because of this.
•  Kick & Bite Proof – if the safety of your livestock is your primary concern, then pre-fabricated steel dairy barns are for you. Since steel will not splinter or crack, they are kick and bite proof.
•  Hygienic Material – steel is hygienic and is easy to clean. It does not support rotting & disease.
•  Hereunder are the benefits of steel as far as construction is concerned:
•  Shorter Construction Time – pre-fabricated steel dairy barns are faster and easier to erect compared to dairy barns of any other material thus, you will save a lot of time.
•  Lower Construction / Material Costs – compared to other materials, you will save up to 60% on construction and material costs of your pre-fabricated steel dairy barn. This will be a lot of help because you can spend your resources on other projects for your farm.
•  Inexpensive & Easy to Expand – should you decide to expand your pre-fabricated dairy barn later, you can do it at minimal cost and effort.
•  Single Source Assurance – you need not even worry about the source of material later because you will get warranty on the entire structure from one supplier, typically for 25 years.
•  Attractive Finish – there are many textures, colours and design available from the supplier of pre-fabricated steel dairy barns; you may even opt to add brick, wooden siding, etc to match the other structures in your farm or suit your own taste.

Insurance Advantages – you need insurance when building a structure. Another important thing about pre-fabricated steel dairy barns is you can save up to 40% on insurance premiums for building with steel.