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Steel Building Planning

Once you decide to purchase your steel building, it’s time you get to know the steps that you need to go through in order to ensure the success of the project.

• BUILDING CODES – Before you can start the design process, it is a must that you visit your local code authority to familiarize yourself with the steel building requirements. Building codes are specifications and limitations governing construction in a particular area. It is also wise to check with your neighborhood association for any guidelines concerning the construction of steel buildings.

•  DESIGN – The representative of the steel building supplier will be gathering pertinent information about your steel building. You will be asked to define the real purpose of your steel building, the accessories you require, and all other information the supplier needs to know, in order to come up with the appropriate design of your building.

• ENGINEERING – Your steel building will be custom-made based on your specifications – final use, size, and location.

•  ORDER – Once the final design and all the other requirements have been determined, the representative will now present you with a purchase agreement. Review the document to make sure everything is in order. Most suppliers require an initial deposit to proceed with the order. The final payment is due upon delivery of the steel building.

• CHOOSE A BUILDING ERECTOR – After the order has been placed, you can now get in touch with an experienced and qualified erector to take care of the metal building’s construction. Whether you hire a professional or you prefer to do the construction yourself, the supplier will provide you with installation manuals for the building. If you plan to hire a professional to construct your building, it is a good idea to make arrangements as soon as possible, so that you can specify the delivery date of your steel building. Also, ensure that the contract documents include all his responsibilities in completing your steel building project.

• DELIVERY OF THE BUILDING – After the down payment has been paid, the delivery arrangements will be made by the supplier, based on the order documents. Ensure that the order documents contain your correct delivery address because this is the information they will be using for the shipping arrangements. In deciding your delivery date, take into consideration that it takes several weeks to design and engineer your steel building. Once you decide on the delivery date, it is now time for you to prepare the construction site for the delivery of your building.

• RECEIPT OF YOUR STEEL BUILDING – It is your responsibility to verify all the materials delivered are complete based on your order documents. If you hired an erector, he can do this for you. Check for shortages and damages so that they can be resolved right away. For defective components, inform the supplier so that they can be replaced right away.

• CONSTRUCTION OF YOUR STEEL BUILDING – If you hired a qualified and experienced erector, he will make sure that your steel building is weather-tight and structurally sound. His responsibilities should include the following tasks:

1. He should provide all the tools and equipment necessary for unloading and erecting the building without damaging it.
2. He should provide for the electricity and compressed air needed to power the tools and equipment to be used.
3. If you chose to have insulation for your steel building, he should be the one to install the insulation and insulation accessories in the exterior walls and the roof of the metal structure.
4. He should provide for all the manpower needed to complete the construction on time.
5. At the completion of the construction process, he is responsible of clearing the site of temporary buildings or waste materials resulting from the building construction.

Most metal building suppliers provide technical support to answer all your questions with regards to the construction of your new steel building. If you opted to erect the building yourself, their staff, which include experienced erectors, are on-hand to help and guide you along the way.

Upon placing the order, you will receive the contract documents that include the approval drawings and building specifications. Verify the correctness of all the documents before affixing your signature. In addition, your supplier will provide the erection manual with the necessary drawings, so that you can study and familiarize yourself with the construction of your steel building. The instructions and drawings in this manual are easy to read and understand, even by first-time builders.