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Buildings that house recreational facilities have special features, making them very costly when built using traditional construction materials. Armstrong Steel offers unique solutions for recreational facilities that not only meet your specific needs, but also help you stay within your budget. Our pre engineered steel building systems can accommodate any type of recreational facility – be it gymnasiums, basketball courts or roller rinks. Best of all, Armstrong Steel will make you realize that building with steel is much cheaper than using other construction methods.

Armstrong Steel is one of the leading suppliers of steel building solutions. Our growing number of clients who have placed their trust in us can attest to the fact that our steel building systems, built as recreational facilities are low-cost, low maintenance, and can be erected in a very short time.

Buildings that house recreational facilities usually have wide, open spaces. This is one of the key features of our building solutions. An Armstrong Steel building often have column-free interior space that provide uninterrupted floor space along with high ceilings. These attributes are crucial for accommodating basketball courts, gymnasiums, skating rinks, and many other indoor activities.

A steel recreational facility from Armstrong Steel can help you save money in two ways. First, our steel buildings greatly lessen construction time costs because they can be erected quickly. Second, they are low maintenance because they are made from high quality steel, designed to be resistant to adverse weather conditions and ordinary wear and tear.

Aside from the fact that steel recreational facilities from Armstrong Steel are functional and economical, they can also be very attractive. Armstrong Steel provides you with a lot of options that can help you customize the exterior of your steel building recreational facility. The choices available are decorative brick, stone or stucco panels.

Benefits of a Steel Recreation Facility

A steel recreational facility from Armstrong Steel has the following characteristics:

  • •  An attractive and functional design with a choice of panels and trim colors
  • •  Range of eave heights to accommodate a wide variety of building heights
  • •  An open clear span truss-free frame that can be as wide as 300 ft.
  • •  Low maintenance
  • •  Easily expandable when need to expand arises
  • •  Fast and easy erection
  • •  Non-combustible
  • •  Fast and convenient delivery

Advantages of Steel Recreational Facilities

A steel recreational facility from Armstrong Steel is the perfect choice because it has the following advantages:

Flexible: Armstrong Steel uses only high-grade steel that is why their recreational facility solutions allow for clear-spans of up to 300 ft. wide. There’s no more need for load-bearing interior columns, giving you complete flexibility in the design and layout of your building. You can house a swimming pool, a video entertainment room, and exercise and weight stations all in one roof. You can count on us to help you design a recreational facility that suits your needs and requirements.

Durable: Armstrong Steel buildings will last longer because they are designed to be resistant to the long-term effects of the elements.

Speed In Construction: In contrast with other methods of construction, all Armstrong Steel recreational buildings are very easy to erect. All the components are pre-welded, pre-drilled, and pre-punched at the factory, to make sure that erection is fast, simple, and more efficient.

Economy: Only recreational facilities made from steel can save you time and money because they allow for wide-open spans of space that can be costly using traditional types of construction methods. In addition, Armstrong Steel buildings have a long life expectancy and require less maintenance.

Appearance: A steel recreational facility designed by Armstrong Steel will surely be a thing of beauty and fit aesthetically into any neighborhood or community. Your building’s appearance can be enhanced by many combinations of exterior features, such as brick, stone, or stucco panels. These enhancements, not only allow you to meet your local zoning requirements but also make attractive features to your recreational facility.

Quality: We, at Armstrong Steel, are committed to provide you with high quality products and exceptional customer service. We only use high-grade steel and our building systems have straight walls, tight connections, and increased durability. If you are looking for a steel recreational facility that is durable, long lasting and economical to built, you can count on Armstrong Steel, America's steel building experts.