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The installation of renewable energy technologies, such as wind turbines and solar panels, is gaining wide acceptance across the world due to the growing concern for the environment. Aside from providing sources of clean and natural energy, these technologies are cost effective in providing significant levels of electricity. The steel building industry is not far behind in the use of these technologies because renewable energy systems can now be incorporated to metal structures.

Installing renewable energy technologies help contribute in reducing your steel building’s energy consumption. Although the initial investment for these technologies may be quite prohibitive, the cumulative savings over their years of operation are more than enough to cover your expenses. Typically, the costs depend on the amount of electricity generated.

If your location permits, you can implement an efficient renewable energy system for your steel building, by using a combination of wind turbines and solar panels. Wind turbines can be fitted along the ridge, while solar panels can be fitted onto the whole roof.

Wind Turbines

The use of wind turbines can be great source of clean energy especially for remote locations, such as mountain communities and the remote countryside. There are a number of small wind energy devices that you can use to generate electricity for your steel building.

The main disadvantage of the use of wind power is the wind’s unreliability. For areas with low winds strength, the use of solar power is a great alternative.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are more convenient and more reliable than wind turbines for generating renewable energy that is capable of partially powering your home or workplace.

The use of solar panels or photovoltaic cells is more practical for homes and businesses, which have less demand for power than heavy industries.

There are two main forms of photovoltaic cells in the market today – solar electricity panels and solar hot water panels. As their names imply, these two technologies either generate electricity or provide hot water supply.

Solar Electricity Panels. As stated above solar panels only provide a partial amount of electricity for your steel building. Because the costs of supplying the whole steel building with electricity from solar panels are too high, only a small number is installed. Solar panels only help to reduce energy bills, not generate the full amount of electricity needed by the whole steel building.

Solar Hot Water Panels. A properly installed solar hot water panel system will be able to provide an average household with approximately one third of its annual hot water supply. This may not sound much, but it can considerably reduce your energy costs.

You can combine solar panels with wind turbines to help reduce the electricity bills of your steel building, while harnessing natural sources of energy. If you want to venture in this territory, consult the experts of a reputable renewable energy systems company who are in the best position to provide advice on the most appropriate solution to your needs.