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Pre engineered steel buildings are becoming popular these days because of their affordability and durability. In fact, homeowners are now switching to steel buildings for backyard storage of their tools, mowers, and camping equipment. Some even use them as garden sheds.

For those who want to know more about backyard and garden sheds that are built from steel, here are some facts and figures to help you. These are the usual services provided by pre-engineered steel building suppliers.


Width: A minimum of 20 ft. and can be larger depending on your particular needs.

Length: The length of the building depends upon your needs. In fact, the straight wall construction system allows for buildings of any length.


Custom Design: Steel building suppliers will custom design your steel metal building based on your specific needs and budget, It doesn’t matter whether your property is big or small, they can supply the steel building that suits your purpose.

Low Cost: Most of the time, suppliers offer steel building kits at factory prices. In addition, if you are flexible with the size of your storage building, suppliers usually have pre-ordered models that become available, and they can be purchased at reduced prices.

100% Usable Interior Space: Steel building suppliers are aware that structures built for storage should have maximum usable interior space. That is why they designed truss-less steel buildings. This means, you have more storage room for racking, shelving and parking large vehicles such as backhoes, tractors, and RV’s.

Up to 30 Years Rust Perforation Warranty: Your steel building usually comes with warranty against normal condition rust perforation for a full 30 years from date of purchase.

Fully Customizable: You can customize your new steel building so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of owning one.

  •  Insulation

Aside from the steel structure, one of the smartest investments you can make is the building’s insulation because it will provide year-round comfort in three ways such as:

Extreme temperature changes, is the major cause of condensation inside your steel building. Our insulation system will insure protection against temperature change and eliminate condensation build up.

Energy Savings
Because insulation keeps the insides of your steel building warmer in the winter, you have lower heating costs. During summer, insulation protects your steel building from the heat, keeping it cooler and easing the load of your air conditioner.

Quieter and More Comfortable Environment
It is a fact that insulation absorbs sound, thereby reducing unwanted noise from machinery, appliances, audio equipment, and power tools that are usually transmitted through the walls and floors.

Painting the Building

Choose steel that is coated with a resin that provides enhance protection from rust. An added benefit of this coating is that it acts as a bonded primer for easy and quick painting of your steel building.

Custom Doors

Doors can be placed anywhere you want. Your project coordinator will easily design the doors exactly where you want them to be placed.

  •  Skylights

Another cost saving investment is the placement of skylights that are not only affordable but are also easy to install and provide natural lighting throughout the building’s interiors. Skylights are often actually heavy-duty fiberglass panels. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. When skylights are in place, you are assured a brighter interior without additional energy costs.


Do It Yourself: Steel building kits come with easy to understand and easy to follow instructions. They can be built using simple tools even by an ordinary homeowner.

Fast Construction: Your steel building is made from pre-cut and pre-drilled steel panels that quickly bolt together. Depending on the size of the steel structure, you can have your building up in a matter of days. The job would be easier if you can get help. You can always call America's steel building experts, Armstrong Steel, for any concerns.

Low Maintenance: It has been demonstrated that steel buildings require less maintenance. In fact, unless you want to, no painting or treatment is necessary.

Low Cost: You can have your steel building designed to fit your purpose and budget. The size of your property or budget doesn’t matter.