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Most company owners have now been opting for prefab steel buildings for numerous business ventures. But after constructing the structural steel frames and putting in the selected accessories, the process does not end there. While most traditional buildings tend to look the same, the beauty in steel buildings is that their appearance can be enhanced to dramatically surpass other concrete towers. Exterior works, particularly the finish, can give the metal steel building the look of stone, brick, or wood for a fraction of the time and cost as compared to using the actual materials.

Steel Buildings´ Finishing Options

Exterior works are ideal and recommended for practically any steel building project, whether residential or commercial. With the right exteriors and excellent finish, a steel building can look like a thousand dollars in no time without the customer actually spending that much money.

There are a vast array of colors and textures to choose from in the market today. Suppliers have eliminated the problem of availability of materials for customers. Nowadays, the problem lies in choosing which design suits best since practically all designs give the steel building the same first-rate look.

Steel building finishes include wall panels, roof panels, building edge trimming or sometimes, seals, since these parts basically seal the structure from wind, rain, and other elements. Some suppliers produce panels with simulated concrete or acrylic stucco, for customers who care more for a textured facade.

The paint job is an optional part of the process. Some steel products come with color while others still have to be coated with paint. It is entirely up to the customer to decide if a pre-finished product would suit his taste. Paint and finish warrantees have different ranges. Some last for years or decades – this chiefly depends on the finish grade. For example, typical Galvalume-coated panels, usually unpainted, are commonly warranted for up to two decades.

Steel building finishes are not only for exteriors; these materials can also be used for interior designing. In some cases, just to illustrate, a simulated brick panel can replace actual bricks for a fireplace. Doing this saves time and money and gives a look so authentic that no one will ever notice or be able to tell the difference.

A steel frame building can take on virtually any look. Professional finishes like wood, stucco, brick, or concrete are available. Such finishes are popular for making pre-engineered steel structures appear like a regular, traditionally constructed building. These days there are several other varieties of finishes like steel, cedar, or stone. Other exterior accessories such as door and window frames, ledges, and roofing can also be customized. It may also be relevant to note that nowadays, there is also a wide range of options available for roofing. The most popular choices are asphalt, cedar, and steel.

Apart from the fact that many steel buildings suppliers now offer these steel building enhancers, customers need not worry about installing these external finishing touches. General contractors can be hired to put up exteriors and finishes for the steel buildings.