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Personnel doors are basically just walk doors used for passage in and out of a steel building.

Steel Building Personnel Doors

Today, typical personnel doors are made from 20 gauge galvanized steel and commonly come in white or bronze embossed finish. In terms of leaf, doors may be one of the following: flush, half-glass, or narrow lite. Nowadays, personnel doors are guaranteed sturdy, as they are built with vertical mechanical interlocking seams. These vertical seams join the door hinge and lock the edges as well. To further ensure the doors’ strength, companies use 16 gauge galvanized steel channels to secure the top and bottom parts. These channels are spot-welded onto every door’s inner edges, promising a light yet tough frame. Most personnel doors are also sound deadened. This is made possible by building the doors reinforced usually with a kraft honey comb core. This core fills the supposedly hollow part of the door and is laminated to the inner faces of the door panels. As a matter of illustration, this reinforcement makes a blunt thud out of knocking on the door instead of a resounding hammering noise. Personnel doors can be customized for whatever purpose. There are locksets, levers, and other hardware that are just as widely available in the market.

Today, there is a wide variety of personnel doors available. This is one of the advantages of steel buildings - their accessories, whether windows, doors, or vents, are all versatile, adaptable, and easily accessible. So whether the company needs a typical staff entrance or a reliable emergency escape route, personnel steel doors can be customized to accommodate that need.

Nowadays, customers demand that form and function go together in their steel buildings. Here are some special types of personnel doors:

Fire resistant doors

These are an indispensable part of any steel building’s safety and emergency equipment. Fire fighting schemes cannot consist only of fire hydrants or fire extinguishers, there has to be a fire resistant door to ensure the safe exit of the people inside the building. Most doors of this type can resist fire for up to 4 hours and can be further improved with smoke seals to guarantee that smoke gets locked in. Fire resistant doors are ideal for use in practically any building.

Acoustic doors

These doors are designed to hold out noise levels of up to 49 db and are ideal for environments with high level of sound. Acoustic doors are commonly found in a wide range of places, from recreational places like cinemas to industrial plants.

Steel door sets are specifically designed to fit external and internal steel building applications. These personnel doors are not only good in terms of function; they are also made to exude excellent aesthetic appeal. Companies have mastered the craft of producing steel building doors for steel buildings that are not only proven and tested safe but also pleasing in appearance – two factors that have not been normally found together in steel building accessories decades ago.