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The strength that is shown throughout a steel building frame is going to start with the base. It’s important that your foundation is poured right, as the rest of the project will follow suit. Every steel building needs to start with a level base area.  When taking a look at different foundations, key differences in the foundation can make or break your prefabricated steel building project. There are many things that could happen to a building like leaks and damage to the building if the foundation hasn’t been laid properly.

What should you look for in a pre-fabricated steel foundation?

Every foundation is different. Each building base should be scrutinized to make sure that the building will be level. Finding the perfect spot is the most important task for the beginning of a steel building project. Pulling soil samples from the job will give your concrete contractor helpful information on how they need to pour your foundation. The framework needs to fit snug onto the foundation and leave no cracks or openings on the bottom that could put your steel building at any kind of risk for water intrusion. You should be confidant in your building being erected on a foundation that is done properly and leveled out with no imperfections. You also don’t want the plot to go past certain boundaries. Most projects that are small in size are not going to effect any excavation.

How do you get the job done?

The blueprints provided by the metal building company will show you how the anchor bolts should be set. This anchor bolt pattern should be followed precisely. The rebar should be laid correctly and should be supporting the foundations concrete. Foundation designs are NOT included in a steel building company's set of plans for a pre-fabricated steel building, so if necessary, inform your Armstrong metal building expert that you’d like that included in your price. Some purchasers who find out the foundation design is not included in the wet stamped blueprints may choose to purchase the metal building foundation design on their own or utilize the services of Armstrong Steel.

How do I get it right the first time?

Make sure you have proper supervision when the foundation is being poured. Your contractor should supervise the erection of your building and inform you if something is wrong. If you already have a foundation prepared for the pre-fabricated metal building, then you should have the concrete checked to make sure it can withstand the weight of the metal building. Always make sure that you save some of the dirt for backfilling and grading once the steel building has been finished.