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Armstrong SteelGo ahead… picture yourself at Armstrong Steel. We think you'll like it here.

The secret weapon behind Armstrong Steel? Our employees. We've built an elite team of hard-working, passionate and fun people who are dedicated to helping make it possible for customers to find great buildings that fit their needs for a fair and affordable price. Armstrong Steel is a unique place where you will still find the atmosphere and excitement of a small entrepreneurial company, supported by the fantastic resources and opportunities of a large corporation. Armstrong Steel's proud to say that our employees are the reason for our long track record of success. Think you'd fit in? Keep reading.

Armstrong Steel is a growth oriented, spirited, aggressive, fist pump in the air, enterprising company. Our workforce enjoys year round activities like trout fishing, Rockies games, and weekly happy hours.

  • Career Opportunities

    Armstrong Steel is not your typical pre-engineered steel building firm. No stuffed shirts. No elevator music. Instead, we are a team of high-energy, client-focused construction experts genuinely committed to our growing customer base.

    Our ideal candidates have a work ethic that's second to none. They will need a proven track record of success, regardless of professional experience or academic background. They are also willing to put in the time it takes to get the job done. Helping our clients design and purchase a building is a responsibility our employees take seriously. Each employee embraces our company values and strives to deliver them in every interaction.

  • At Armstrong Steel, we embrace a set of core values that distinguishes our company from any other in town. Every employee is asked to make a commitment to be passionate and have fun, to deliver results with integrity and to enhance lives every day.

    These values set the tone for our company and act as a compass to our company culture. From the casual but hardworking atmosphere to proudly serving builders around the world, our core values are a big part of what makes Armstrong Steel such a great place to work.

    The way we work and act, and what we believe in lends to the culture we are building. We constantly strive to deliver superior quality and outstanding results that make a difference. We are always searching for better ways to care for the people, organizations and communities we serve by putting our customers first and honoring the diversity of talents and insights of our colleagues.

    Our customer's success is our #1 priority

    When our contractors, dealers and end-users can accomplish their goals, Armstrong Steel wins. Our long-term success only comes from truly understanding, listening to, and responding to our customers.

    Open & Honest Communication

    Here at Armstrong, we strive to establish clear, open and ongoing dialogue with positive intent, whether internally or externally.


    Leadership and teamwork are at the heart of Armstrong's past successes and future achievements!


    Compassion is an integral part of connecting with and understanding our customers needs. We walk in the shoes of the customers we serve and those with whom we work with everyday.


    We're bored and a little disappointed with the way the construction/pre-engineered metal building industry has progressed. We will continue to respectfully challenge the status quo and we will invest in and encourage new ideas. We invent the future and learn from the past.


    We take great satisfaction from a job well done. Work, for us, is about educating customers so they're able to make the best and most informed decision - all while having a blast doing it.


    Passion, spirit and enthusiasm for your work is fundamental to happiness in the workplace. Approaching work with a caring and positive attitude makes time fly and extraordinary things happen.


    We want Armstrong Steel to truly be a great place to work, learn and grow. We value the people that make up our workforce. They are the engine that drives us every day, nurturing ideas, delivering on promises and turning them into reality.

  • Because no job is complete without perks ... we've got them by the ton.

    Are you an energetic and hard-working individual? Don't want to be overworked and under-appreciated? Armstrong Steel might just be the place for you.

    Armstrong Steel is, first and foremost, about working hard and expanding our customer base. That requires commitment, dedication, effort, and also the occasional late evening or early morning to make sure things are done right and done well. This doesn't mean we don't like to have a good time though. Whether it's after hours with colleagues, a company event, soaking in Denver sporting events from our company owned seating sections, or even some quality time spent in the Rockies, it's about taking some time to refresh, regroup, and recharge.

    At Armstrong Steel, we believe that employees work best in an environment where their contributions are appreciated. Ethan — our company's owner — makes daily decisions to honor that concept, and it pays off. We work hard, but that hard work is made a little sweeter by …

    Perks? We've Got Those

    • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
    • Company seating sections at local pro sports venues
    • Fun T-shirts at company events for every occasion
    • Outrageous Break Room with Kegbot
    • Casual dress
    • Amazing company and family oriented events
    • AmEx Cash Bonuses
    • Discounted gym memberships
    • Company-sponsored sports leagues
    • The opportunity to enhance lives every day
    • Awesome compensation plans

    Sound good? It should. We have a great team of highly satisfied employees, and we aim to keep it that way.

  • Our Industry Leadership

    We continue to be a leader in the pre-engineered metal building industry. We focus on quality, drive innovation, and demonstrate integrity in everything we do. And it shows. Just ask our customers! Becoming an employee at Armstrong Steel means joining a company that stands by its customers through every phase of the construction project. We're in this together!

    Your Personal Impact

    We're still a start-up at heart! If you like working in a fast-paced, 'everyone is accountable' type of atmosphere - this is the place for you. You'll find we empower each other to speak and think freely and to find creative solutions because here, empowerment is a value we stand on. It's a part of our culture, and that enables phenomenal people to achieve exceptional goals. Working here you will be committed to demonstrating excellence in everything you do. You will be responsible and accountable for invariably delivering superior results that make a difference. As an employee with Armstrong Steel, your impact on the projects you manage and the lives you touch is greater than you can imagine.

    The People

    Dedicated. Creative. Hard working. Smart. Goal driven. We recruit, attract, and hire only the best and brightest people to help solve construction challenges, convey quality, encourage sustainability, and craft competitive superiority within one of the nation's largest, most complex industries. Across the board, we're an elite team of self-motivated employees. We understand that relationships are critical to help customers, architects, contractors, and suppliers work together. We have greater expectations of ourselves and others. We value integrity by honoring commitments and never compromising on ethics. Trust is earned and preserved through integrity, honesty, and active collaboration with colleagues. At Armstrong Steel, you'll find we're not just inventive in our approach to the metal building industry; we build trust and honor the relationships we forge.

    Performance Pay & Health Benefits!

    At Armstrong Steel, success is expected, measured and rewarded with increasing responsibilities and performance based pay incentives. This reflects the shared value we place on performance. We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve in key performance areas. You will be accountable and responsible for consistently delivering superior, high quality results. Accountability and measurement helps guide people to be better, more well rounded people. This is a results-driven environment that relies heavily on measuring results, setting goals, and reaching higher. You will be rewarded for building trust with your colleagues through project collaboration. You're paid not just for meeting an expected list of job requirements. You're rewarded for hard work, thinking beyond the norm, taking calculated risks and bringing all of us to the next level of success.

  • Internships at Armstrong


    If you're looking for an internship that will give you more opportunities than just running to get coffee or filing a bunch of boring paperwork, Armstrong Steel is the internship for you. Our internship program is structured to provide real-world experience and tangible skills that will help you in your future career. Come join our team and see how you can have fun while enhancing lives.

    Program highlights: Intern vs. Exec Softball Game, Monthly Fun Days, Professional Development Classes, Job Shadowing.

    Paid internships are available for spring, summer, and fall semesters. Contact Nicole Bullock at [email protected] for more information about the internship program or to be considered.

Now Hiring Careers

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